Is Trump a serial liar?

As of this writing (Oct31, 2016) Politifact has rated 315 statements made by Mr. Trump. They found:

13 (4%)  True

34 (11%) Mostly True

Total 47 (15%) Mostly True or better

46 (15%)  Half True

Total 46 (15%) Half True/Half false

61 (19%) Mostly False

106 (34%) False

55 (17%) “Pants of Fire” worse than False (?)

Total 315 222 (70%) Mostly false or a lot worse

Past history shows that every time Donald Trump says something the odds are almost 3 to 1 it’s some kind of lie. You can visit politifact’s web site to see the latest numbers and the statements.

On August 8, 2016 trump delivered an economic speech that was filled with the usual distortions and lies. This time the Associated Press did a fact check. The findings weren’t good. 

Is it because he can’t bother to get his facts straight or is he deliberately misleading and lying? Is he fully sane? 

Donald Trump has shown too often that he has an unsound mind that is getting worse as he ages. 

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