Trump: There is no California drought


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Just what goes on in the head of Donald Trump? Everyone knows California is in a severe drought except Donald Trump. Record low rainfall, very low reservoirs and massive forest fires in the dried forests prove there is a drought.  But Mr. Trump has his own way of seeing reality. This may be the most obvious out of contact with reality statement Trump will make in this election.

Maybe Dr. Ben Carson who believes the Pyramids were built to store grain helped him with this. 

If he can’t see reality or doesn’t care about it, what kind of President would he make?


During a campaign rally in Fresno, Donald Trump made two misleading claims about California’s drought and water issues:

  • Trump suggested “there is no drought” in California because the state has “plenty of water.” But California is in its fifth year of a severe “hot” drought, the kind that’s expected to become more frequent with global warming.

  • He also said water is being shoved “out to sea” to protect a “three-inch fish” at the expense of farmers. But officials release fresh water from reservoirs primarily to prevent salt water from contaminating agricultural and urban water supplies.

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Donald Trump has shown over and over again that he has an unsound mind that is getting worse as he ages. The last two Republican presidents George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush won’t go near him, much less endorse him.

Help save America.

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Al Gore lost by only 550 votes in 2000.

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