What could be hidden in Trump’s tax returns?

No Presidential candidate in modern times has refused to show his tax returns. What could he be hiding? There are many possibilities:

  • Legal income tax trickery leading to close to no taxes paid or his empire is collapsing and he has no taxable income, only losses.

  • Illegal income tax evasion exposed by public scrutiny if not IRS audit.

  • His net worth isn’t what he says it is. Not even close. He may not be a billionaire. According to the NY Times: “Tax records from New York City also show that Mr. Trump has, as recently as this year, received a property tax credit that is available only to families earning less than $500,000 a year. His campaign has said that the credit was issued in error. But he has received the same credit in the past.” 

  • He really gives almost nothing to charities. The latest is that he steals from charities like The Trump foundation to pay personal bills and buy items for himself. 

  • He could be on the verge of more bankruptcy.  Hillary Clinton has pointed out, “He’s written a lot of books about business. They all seem to end at Chapter 11,” adding. “He bankrupted his companies not once, not twice, but four times.” Interestingly,  Politifact found 6 Trump bankruptcies!

  • He may have or had large Russian funding in his empire or whatever is left of it. That might explain his desire to weaken NATO.

The Big Lie

Trump bragged that he was above it all because he couldn’t be bought off. He would self finance his campaign.  Voters sick of the corruption of campaign contributions liked him for that. This is turning out to be one big misleading lie. His taxes might show he never could self finance.

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