Jobs and employment

A visit to Trump’s web site on July 5, 2016 found only a one minute video on how Trump created jobs. In it he said that he had created thousands of jobs with his building projects.

He did create thousands of temporary jobs until the construction was over. There were some residual jobs in the buildings. Many of these were lost to his six bankruptcies. He then exaggerated to say that proves he will be the greatest job creator ever.

The How?

He doesn’t have a specific jobs program. If he is thinking of new infrastructure and replacement of old, he is spot on. It is needed. But! How will he pay for it? Where is the money going to come from?

  • Borrowing? Increasing the deficit and national debt? Republicans have opposed that and probably will continue to do so. There is a limit to how much further we can go with increasing deficit and debt.

  • Increasing taxes? Democrats would likely be open to such programs, but not Republicans. Taxpayers would be a hard sell.

Donald Trump is promising like he is going to be a dictator who can draw funding out of thin air forcing everyone to do what he wants. He is not aware that there are two parties that cannot or will not cooperate. He fails to see that there is House and Senate that can be stalled with as little as 41 negative Senator votes (filibuster).

Donald Trump has a hot air balloon here. How will he create jobs. How?

Donald Trump has shown over and over again that he has an unsound mind that is getting worse as he ages. The last two Republican presidents George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush won’t go near him, much less endorse him.

Help save America.

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Al Gore lost by only 550 votes in 2000.

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men and women do nothing.