Who is more truthful: Trump or Clinton?

 As of this writing (Oct 31, 2016) Politifact has rated 270-287 statements made by Mr. Trump and Hillary Clinton. They found:

                                                                                               Donald Trump                  Hillary Clinton

True                                                                                         11 (4%)                           69 (24%)  

 Mostly True                                                                             39 (11%)                          76 (26%)

 Total  Mostly True or better                                                     50 (15%)                        128 (50%)   

 Half True                                                                                 39 (15%)                        66 (23%)

 Mostly False                                                                             44 (17%)                        40 (14%)  

 False                                                                                        89 (35%)                         29 (10%)

“Pants of Fire”(worse than False?)                                             48 (18%)                            7 (2%)  

Total Mostly false or a lot worse                                                181 (70%)                         76  (26%)    

Total                                                                                         270                                  287

Past history shows that every time Donald Trump says something the odds are almost 3-1 (70%) it’s not true. Whereas when Hillary Clinton says something the odds are 1-3 (26%) it’s not true. Donald Trump is clearly the overwhelming liar. 

Hillary lies mostly to defend herself against accusations which is normal, but not acceptable. Donald lies profusely about everything.  You can visit politifact’s web site to see the latest numbers and the statements.

Donald Trump has manipulated the media. He makes a statement in front of tens of millions on TV that is almost always false. The fact checkers get a relatively tiny audience to point out his untruths. So Trump paints a distorted picture of reality to get attention and support. It works.

Is it because he can’t bother to get his facts straight or is he deliberately misleading and lying? Tony Schwartz, the real author of “The Art of the Deal” says Trump has a very short attention span limiting his ability to absorb information. Trump prefers to say things he believes ought to be true, but aren’t about 70% of the time. This leads to serious questions about Trump’s mental state. 

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