What Donald’s tax forms tell us

The recent publicizing of Donald Trump’s 1995 tax returns uncovers a few facts about Donald Trump:

  • He is not a successful business man. Losing almost a billion dollars can hardly be considered success. He is a wheeler dealer not someone who runs businesses and a bad one at that.

  • He has used that loss to shelter future income. There is nothing immoral or illegal in doing that. However, it is not “smart” or “genius”. Anyone with a 5th grad knowledge of adding and subtraction could do it.

  • Donald Trump lied that he knew taxes better than anyone. His accountant said he did all the paperwork and all Donald did was sign the documents. Politifact rates Donald Trump lying 3 out of every 4 statements he makes. This is more proof they are right.

  • Since the rest of Donald’s taxes are hidden, we can not know many important things like if he ever got back the full loss in the time allowed by law (about 18 years). If he did get back to break even in 18 years that is an awful 0% return on assets for 18 years. He might not have ever gotten back all the money lost. Who would want to invest in him? Why “invest” in him as President? He is a proven loser.

  • He might still be losing money and a 5th bankruptcy could be in the pipeline.

  • Trump originally lied about being above all the money in politics. He was supposed to self finance his campaign. He isn’t doing that because he probably can’t even come close.

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