Let’s call it what it is “Dumpcare”, that is, dump those with preexisting conditions into expensive probably unaffordable high risk pool insurance dumpsters for no insurance.

The average person doesn’t have the time or expertise to understand all the convoluted verbage in the Trumpcare/dumpcare bill, but these organizations do and they are against it (scroll down this link). 

American association of retired persons (AARP)

American Medical Association (AMA)

The American Nursing Association

American College of Physicians

American Hospital Association

The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network

The American Heart Association

The American Lung Association

The American Diabetes Association,

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation,

March of Dimes

The American Academy of Pediatrics

The National Organization for Rare Disorders

The National MS Society

WomenHeart: The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease

Senate Republicans: The House Dumpcare bill is so bad even they  want to start over.