Trump and classified information

Hardly a day goes by where Trump doesn’t say something near insane or shows his incompetence. Now its mishandling of classified information.

Compromising Top Secret information does three very serious harms to the security of the U.S.

  • The information itself gives away things in the making like military and espionage operations.

  • It can expose the sources if the information can only come from one place. Killing or destroying the sources is a real possibility.

  • There will be a worldwide reluctance to provide information to a President who doesn’t know what he is doing and can’t be trusted.

It was obvious during the election that Trump has not just one, but many mental illnesses. One is he can’t concentrate on anything for more than a half hour or so. He probably didn’t spend much time on classified information so he was ignorant of how to handle it. He’s an ignoramus about everything, but lying and getting elected.