The difficulties of impeaching Donald Trump

There are calls for impeachment of President Donald Trump for his Obstruction of Justice in removing FBI director Comey for his ongoing investigations. His incompetence in giving away classified information while technically not illegal in itself lead many to believe he is dangerous to US security. 

The constitution provides for a rather simple way to impeach and remove a President. Only two steps:

  1. House of Representatives votes by majority vote to impeach the President. 

  2. The impeachment goes to the Senate. A two thirds vote removes the President from office. 

The machinery is apolitical, but those who operate it are political. The Republicans control both the House and the Senate. They have already sold theirs souls to the devil in nominating and getting him into the White House through the back door of an unpopular electoral college count. Grabbing and holding power is their primary purpose so they won’t impeach him unless there is a massive popular backlash against Trump’s incompetence and illegal actions. Only fear of losing their positions of power will move them to tell the devil where to go. For a little more on the history of impeachment, click and read the article below the video.