Trump’s mentally ill priorities

The country is facing many crises. One of them is healthcare. A subsection of healthcare is care for the very old. Many will need nursing home care. Today when a patient goes into a nursing home and when his or her assets can no longer pay for it, Medicaid takes over.

In Trumpcare there is a massive cut to Medicaid. What will happen to those in need of a nursing home or are already in one and cannot pay for it?  Medicaid is to be cut while the tidal wave of aging baby boomers start to need nursing home care. This is a formula for catastrophe. 

In all fairness, this nursing home problem is going to be severe no matter what party is in power or if no party is in power. Is Donald Trump studying it? Is he thinking about his own ideas and the ideas of others to solve it?  No! He is too busy tweeting attacks on the media who criticize him or are investigating him. Millions will suffer in the not too distant future because of his incompetence.