The art of failure

Whenever Donald Trump has failed in the past, he has seen them as some kind of success. This includes his many gambling casino bankruptcies. Apparently Republicans and some independents did the same thing when they voted for him. Donald Trump considers his “F” or 36% in a recent poll to be “not bad”

There are three reasons for his low rating that will probably get worse:

  • He has spent his time playing golf, ducking investigations, traveling, twittering and barking orders to congress. His failure with Trumpcare is partly due to his not knowing what is in it. If he did, he could urge congress to pass it for all the good things that are supposed to be in it. Better yet, if he knew what was in it he would not promote it at all. 

  • His conservative supporters disapprove of his performance because he is not a miraculous deal maker, only a con artist. He is not promoting their ideology. Their fantasy world about him is shattered. 

  • Those who saw him for what he is and voted against him oppose him now for all the damage he is doing to the environment, social progress, foreign relations and healthcare. 

Our best hope now is that even he will see his incompetence and quit.