Trump and the Polls: how low can he go?

In his first six months, Trump has shown what was not so obvious to the general TV watching public that he has too many mental and emotional problems to be President.

Instead of working to learn the job; learning about issues belatedly and attempting to lead the country to a better future, he acts like he is reliving “The Apprentice”. He barks orders to Congress, but unlike in the Apprentice he can’t send them away. He gets involved in childish tweets about smaller issues and personal feelings. He plays golf. He travels and does more harm than good. One thing he doesn’t do is work the job.

The polls are showing that more and more of the American people are becoming aware that they have been fooled by a fool. Polls show his support slipping below 40% to even 37%.

How low can it go?

About 37% of voters are Republicans. They act like sports fans rooting for their party, the Republicans. Their mentality is to be against whatever the Democrats are for. Forget about reason or contradictions. Forget about solutions to complex problems. Just be against what the Democrats are for. This party has degenerated into a near Cult or religion that believes: Do whatever it takes to win even selling one’s soul to the devil. Here are the commandments:

  • Government is always evil.

  • Taxes are always too high. Cut them and ignore the consequences as just happened in Kansas.

  • Force one morality on abortion and gays.

  • Deny Global warming and the need for environmental protection

  • Love guns and let the tiny NRA call the shots legally

  • Deny any facts that don’t fit as liberal left propaganda or “fake news”. FOX is the only reality. 

It may be very difficult to fall below the 37% level with the above reality, but the 63% who don’t approve of him should have no trouble rolling back the Republican party. Impeachment could be further down the road.

There are some cracks appearing in the Republican party. Only about 15-20% of Americans approve of Trumpcare.  It looks like half don’t like it. Just about no one is cooperating with his “election integrity” commission. Even FOX is showing strain with his some of his antics. These cut deep into the Republican party. Hopefully, the Republican party can realize their error with Trump and reform from within.  Or be replaced by a third party.