The beginning of the end

Is this the beginning of the end of the Trump Presidency, the Republican party or the U.S.? 

Consider the list of irrational actions coming from the White House over the past week alone:

●Trump’s new communications director alleged that the president’s top strategist attempts an anatomically improbable sex act to himself, called White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus a paranoid schizophrenic and accused him of a felony. Priebus, one of Trump’s only tethers to mainstream Republicans, quits.

●Trump attacked Republican senators such as Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) whose votes he needed but failed to get on the GOP health-care bill, dealing it yet another defeat.

●Trump publicly attacked his own attorney general and threatened to fire his health and human services secretary.

The Boy Scouts had to apologize after Trump gave a hyper-partisan speech to children.

●Trump caught the Pentagon by surprise when he announced he’s kicking transgender people out of the military, after botching the facts on Hezbollah while meeting the Lebanese prime minister.

And he jokes about being chiseled into Mount Rushmore.

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