Trump capitalizes on Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey, one of the greatest tragedies if not the greatest hit the U.S. in Texas this week. True to character, Donald visited those suffering from it like he was going to a political rally.  He wore a “USA 45” hat glorifying himself as the 45th President of the US. Worse yet, he is advertising this hat that he sells for $40 on his political web site.

His wife, Melania, shows off her status with a FLOTUS cap (First Lady of the US). As of this writing, this hat is not for sale yet. 

Donald went on to give speeches praising what others were doing about the suffering. He also bragged about how many came to see him. Not much of anything said about the victims.

Trump who claims to be worth over $10 billion dollars later offered to donate a whopping $1 million to the flood victims. Even this cheap donation is in doubt, as Tony Schwartz, the real author of “The Art of the Deal” claims Trump promises much, but doesn’t deliver.