Donald’s tax cuts: fiscal irresponsibility or con game?

Donald Trump and his flock of sheep known as the Republican party (minus the 3-5 Senators who actually read and voted against the mass murder known as “Trumpcare”) are at it again only this time they want a big tax cut.

Tax cuts in Kansas almost bankrupted that state. Donald and his flock don’t want to know about Kansas or reality either. So the dotard Donald wants to cut taxes when we are only paying $4 for every $5 we spend. How close to bankruptcy is the federal government? Bankruptcy will do more damage than any terrorist group could hope to do. 

Tax cuts will allow citizens to probably buy more imports so we will be borrowing greater amounts of money to employ more overseas.

It is part of the Republican religion to cut taxes no matter what the consequences as they tried in Kansas. But it is still uncertain if it is a real tax cut or another Republican con game, a fake tax cut. Click here.