Donald’s trough of lies

As usual, Donald is feeding his supporters at his trough of lies.

He implies the Puerto Rican workers are not doing anything. They just want the government to give them welfare. Sound familiar? Sound Republican?

He accuses the mayor of San Juan to be a liar inspired by Democrats to make him look bad. It took him over a week to get his sick little brain off of the athletes kneeling trivia. The 3.5 million victims are just “… an island surrounded by water, big water, ocean water.” These face contaminated water, starvation and unimaginable suffering in the heat. With no power, they can’t have much employment for the foreseeable future. So how can they pay for bottled water, food and medical care if available? How can they fix things with no money for no materials or available materials?  Trump had to be pressured to override the Jones Act to let foreign ships bring in aid and to send a Navy hospital ship.

For more details on Trump’s heartless mentally ill behavior: click.

So far no donation for the victims from one who claims to be worth $10-12 billion.