Trump won’t do anything about mental illness care or gun control

There are two reasons for the recent Parkland, Florida massacre. A 19 year old nutcase who is not allowed to buy a beer in Florida, but was allowed to buy semi-automatic weapons with loads of ammo clips. He then massacred 17 innocent people. 

Trump who benefited from $30 million of NRA money in 2016 for him and against Hillary Clinton doesn’t see this as a gun issue, only a mental health care issue. Wonder why.  

We need to spend more to protect citizens from the harms of mental illness. These include not only gun massacres, but drunken driving, domestic abuse, and drug addiction. While Trump Republicans give diversionary lip service for the need for better mental health care instead of gun regulations, they won’t pay for it with taxes. Republicans would rather buy voters with tax cuts. Tax cut Republican zealots have wrecked Kansas and Oklahoma. The new federal budget will soon be cutting Medicaid and Medicare. The Republican ideology is to get as close to no government as possible. Mental health care is more government and taxes! So the Republicans are for mental health care, but won’t do it. Can’t do it. 

Registered voters outnumber the NRA 50 to 1! Yet, for decades, the NRA has successfully blocked gun regulations through the Republican party. It’s hard to find national Republican politicians who don’t take large sums of money from the NRA as “campaign contributions” for this.

The NRA also controls the Republican party when militant members show up for both primary and general elections. Their 4 million or so members block the will of the majority of the 200 million registered voters who don’t always vote.

Americans must vote out the NRA Republicans. Or get used to the massacres.