“Mission Accomplished”, What mission?

Donald Trump has accomplished the mission of propagandizing himself as a strong leader and humanitarian, but the facts point otherwise. With his Syrian attacks, Donald Trump has treated the U.S. Constitution and international law as scraps of paper. 

He has done acts of war that could lead to war without congressional authorization, which is unconstitutional. Even George W Bush bothered to con congress for permission to attack Iraq. So did Lyndon B. Johnson with his Gulf of Tonkin con job.

In the U.S. , we believe an accused is “innocent until proven guilty” and guilt should be proven without “reasonable doubt”. Trump didn’t let things like this get in his way.

An impartial investigation was on the verge of gathering evidence, but ignored. There was no urgency to do this attack. The damage was already done. Destroying alleged toxic gas facilities has little military value.   Assad’s forces have plenty of bombs, bullets and artillery shells to kill his opposition. 

Lethal gas has not been used much since World War I not so much for humanitarian reasons, but because it is a lousy weapon. It has a nasty habit of blowing away, lingering or even blowing back on to one’s own forces. It isn’t even the worst way to kill. Napalm and flame throwers have been nastier weapons of choice. But there are powerful emotions around it. 

What may have happened is that Trump said he wanted to get out of Syria. That’s the last thing the anti-Assad rebels want. So a smart thing to do would be to do a gas attack or something that looks like one and make it look like Assad did it. This should have been investigated first.

Trump is undermining international rule of law and the US constitution. He is jabbing the nuclear Russian bear with his provocative tweets and actions. He is paving the way for more deaths in future wars far beyond those killed in the gas attack. He is worse than incompetent.  For more depth to this read this