Voting isn’t enough

We have a mentally and emotionally ill President and a dysfunctional Congress because we have a democracy that is so flawed it may be better not to call it a democracy. We have to fix the following for a real democracy:

First, voting isn’t enough. There are smart votes and dumb votes. Citizens must READ about issues. TV news is too shallow. Worst yet, TV news does little fact checking. Donald Trump can lie as he usually does to an audience of 5-10 million and fact checkers are lucky to get an audience of a million or two for their print analysis. 

There is also not enough voting. Only 20-30% of voters show up for primaries. Voter turnout is weak for the less exciting lower offices, but they are very important.

Second: We have the best government money can buy. Bribes called “campaign contributions”choose the candidates and keeps them in line.

Third: The voting machinery needs a real overhaul. In 2000 and 2016, we got Presidents who the people did not elect.

At the core of this problem is the “unit rule” or “winner take all” formula. The Electoral college is not to blame. It is the giving of ALL THE STATE ELECTORS to someone who gets only a plurality. That can be as low 40% or less with a number of candidates running.

Trump got his bandwagon rolling on pluralities in the mid-30%’s. Two out of 3 Republicans voted against him, but he got all the delegates. He got the Republican nomination and then “won” with 46% of the vote-3 million less than Clinton.

We just had similar here in Florida. The Democratic Governor candidate “won” the nomination with 35% of the vote. There needs to be a runoff system until someone gets 51%+.

There’s a lot of work to be done beyond voting. Democracy doesn’t work. We have to make it work.