Donald, the Bully President

Throughout history there have been many infamous walls.

In the 1930’s the French built the Maginot line. In 1940, the German panzers bypassed it through the Ardennes forest for a lightning or blitzkrieg victory.
The Soviet Union built the Berlin wall only to tear it down decades later.  

Walls can be neutralized by going over, under, around or through them. They also have to be maintained and policed.

Trump’s wall will require construction of 1933 miles of wall. He claims the cost would be $25 billion. Democrats say it would cost up to $70 billion. Government projects and military weapons have a way of costing 2-3 x original estimates. The Democrats are probably closer to reality. After the wall is built, it will cost billions to maintain and police it.

The wall might take a decade to finish. Maybe more. Given the political instability in the U.S. It might never be completed with a lot of startups and stops.

The US federal government is on a very predictable course towards fiscal chaos. The money will have to be borrowed and added to the deficit and national debt.

Social Security and Medicare Trust funds are depleting and will run out in a decade or more.

The failed Republican tax cut guarantees the US will not have revenue to hold on to what we have now. The next recession will be a perfect economic storm. There will be the biblical “weeping and gnashing of teeth” in the US economy and federal budget.

Government shutdowns are not unconstitutional, but they go against the spirit of the constitution. The unpopular lame duck House Republicans passed startup funding for the wall. The Senate Republicans will not do away with the filibuster. It might come in handy for them someday. So they are keeping it and there is a failure to pass funding. It should end there.

Donald Trump is acting like a bully sabotaging the US and undermining civilized constitutional behavior by shutting down the federal government. Americans must start now organizing to get rid of him and his irresponsible Republicans in 2020.