The fake crisis and delusional Donald’s lies

The Republicans under their mentally and emotionally ill President are blaming the Democrats for the partial shutdown of the federal government. The bottom line is that the Republicans had control of both houses of Congress for two years and they did not pass funding a down payment on a wall. Donald recently called anyone who doesn’t back his wall “criminals”. Are these Republicans also criminals?

The good news is that Donald Trump was able to speak coherently for an amazing ten minutes. The bad news is that as usual he lied to the American people.

As a warm up for the speech, Donald lied that all four living past Presidents supported the wall. Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama all denied any support.

Donald is never bothered by facts. So he went on making up some more fake facts that:

Donald insists everyone wants the wall, but polls show that 59% oppose the wall while only 35% support it. 35-40% of voters are Republicans.

Worst yet, there are 9 Congressional districts along the Mexican border. All nine of those Congressional representatives voted against funding the wall.

Coming next? An unconstitutional declaration of a “state of emergency”.