The Beginning of the End for the wall, Donald and the Republicans

The $5.5 billion down payment on a wall that could cost close to $100 billion plus annual maintenance is stalled. The government shutdown is stopped for now. We see the beginning of the end of this folly. As stated in my previous posting, the wall runs the risk of being started and stopped as our unstable political balance flip flops over the years. The Republicans zealots will never have enough votes consistently to keep the construction going. So we are in danger of getting a lot of wall segments using borrowed money that could have gone to worthwhile infrastructure.

Donald’s last ditch attempt will be declaring a National Emergency.

Legal challenges to any attempted Executive Order for wall funding without Congress would come on three fronts: 

1. Constitutional grounds since all appropriations must be approved by Congress/originate in the House of Representatives as prescribed by the U.S Constitution.

2. Much of the land along the southern border is privately owned. Any attempt to claim Eminent Domain against privately-owned land/property will get tied up in federal court courtesy of lawsuits filed against the government by those who own the land along our southern border.

We still have cases winding their way through the courts dating back to ’06 when Republicans passed a law ordering the construction of additional fencing along the border with Mexico.

3. Environmental lawsuits will be passed to protect wildlife. Access to water in lakes and rivers will be blocked. Wildlife and endangered wildlife will die on the wrong side of the wall. There are more.

It could also be the beginning of the end for Donald Trump too. The obvious will become obvious to more and more voters. Donald is not a deal maker. He is incompetent. He is mentally and emotionally ill.

2020 could be another 1964 with the voters flushing the Republican party down the political toilet. They are guilty of:

Passing an insane tax cut that has failed and is plunging us towards federal bankruptcy with exploding deficits.

Promoting a nonsensical wall

Weakening environmental protections

Tearing up treaties on the environment and Iran nuclear restrictions.

Electing a dotard Donald Trump

With the 1964 sweep came Medicare and Civil Rights laws just to name a few. Single payer may be around the corner!