More blood on Trump’s hands

Since his tearing up of the Iran Nuclear Agreement and the assassination of Iran’s General Qassem Soleimani 56 Iranians were killed in a stampede of mourners massed around the coffin of Soleimani.

Now we have what is almost certainly an accidental shooting down of a Ukranian airliner flight PS752, a Boeing 737-800 killing all 176 onboard. Trump is now responsible for causing the deaths of 232. Iran is trying to cover up their error. They should admit it and blame Trump for the perceived attack and error. 

This is only the beginning. Mistakes will be done by both sides including deaths by “friendly fire”(killing your own troops). Much retaliation against the U.S. by Anti-American groups is only in the planning stage. It could take months or years.  

For the latest on flight PS752 as of January 9, 2020 click.