Trump vs Coronavirus

Biological threats will always be around. Global warming is releasing germs that have long been frozen and we have not yet been exposed to them. We have no immunity. The native Americans populations were annihilated by the introduction of European diseases like smallpox.

Antibiotics are abused in factory farms to keep the animal victims alive in the filthiest of conditions. This is an excellent breeding ground for antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Our civilization is totally reliant on computers. If a pandemic breaks out that can kill off a very high percentage of computer operators and programmers. Civilization as we know it could end with food distribution collapsed and power out. 

Trump has tried to cut the budget of the Center for Disease Control (CDC). This ignoramus is unaware of the above or demon-possessed or both.

President Trump recently signed a $738 billion dollar defense budget– the highest level since World War II. It creates a new Space Force and funds research into dozens of remotely possible military threats. Relative to defense spending, the $6.5 billion CDC budget is tiny. But as I see it, deadly global pandemics and emerging biological and viral threats pose an equal or greater threat to our national security.”

This above quote came from an extremely informative article, click here for the article.

It seems Trump and his mentally challenged Republicans can’t think about anything but the military, the wall, anti-abortion and tax cuts.