Rigging elections

Gerrymandering is one of the oldies but goodies for rigging elections by concentrating opposition party voters into numerically smaller numbers of districts. Both parties have done it, but Republicans are grandmasters. In 2016, Democrats got a majority of votes, but a minority of congressional seats. It worked.

Now Donald is against voting by mail. This in spite of the fact he, Kelly Anne Conway, his advisor and Kayleigh McEnany, his press secretary all vote by mail. They have parroted Donald’s line about voter fraud anyway.

The strategy is quite simple:

Limit the number of polling booths in Democratic areas especially low income, black and Hispanic areas so voters have problems getting to vote. Turnout will be weakened.

With 6 ft social distancing, the wait lines could go for miles. That would punish the opposition. 

Donald and his mob will do anything to win.