Tulsa, Oklahoma, Donald’s new hotspot

Strange coincidence that Donald chose Tulsa for his rally. In 1921 this city had a massacre of a black business community. Hitler did similar choosing Nuremberg for his rallies because hundreds of Jews were burned to death there in the 1300’s.

Donald is now only making face masks available to limit his legal liability. Let’s see how many wear them. Face masks only limit infected breath to 2-3 feet and are no protection for the wearer. That means crowds shoulder to shoulder or in seats next to each other will be unprotected. Loud shouting and singing also create aerosol droplets for the viruses to ride on.

Donald hasn’t killed enough with his 2 months of doing nothing calling the Pandemic a Democratic hoax. Many tens of thousands have died avoidable deaths from the unchecked flare-up. A terrorist with an AR-15 and boxes of clips of bullets could not kill as many as Donald might with this rally. Donald may catch COVID-19 and it may kill him too!