Tulsa, the big rally that never was



Doug Mills, The NY TimesDoug Mills, NY Times

By Ron Anthony

Donald bragged that over a million requested tickets for his rally. There were estimates of over 100,000 pouring into the streets of Tulsa. Many camped out of the BOK center days ahead so they could be sure of getting in. Donald and Mike Pence planned outdoor speeches for the mobs outside the center. Donald even said before boarding a plane for the event that the crowds were unbelievable.

Then it happened. Nothing.

Donald canceled his outdoor speech because nobody much was there. Pictures of the rally show it less than half full. Instead of 18,000, there were at best 9,000. Maybe less.

The attendees were packed like sardines even though social distancing was possible due to the light showing. Almost none wore masks. There was a considerable showing of endangered 50+ year-olds, maybe 25-30%.

This author eventually had to turn off the rally. It was a struggle listening for over 10 minutes how Donald walked down a ramp. He went into much detail about shaking hands which went against CDC guidelines and was probably not true. Instead of offering to unite Americans, Donald went into his usual demagoguery about how the enemy, the extreme left, wants to destroy this country’s past, present, and future. His cult was ecstatic.

The next month will show how many at the rally caught coronavirus including Donald. Next Tuesday, Donald goes to Phoenix, Arizona. Like a modern “Typhoid Mary”, he may spark hot spots all over the country.