A new dark age is coming

The system is definitely rigged, but not how Donald meant it. The winner-take-all or “Unit Rule”, or some variation of it propelled him to the Republican nomination.

This “Unit Rule” and not the electoral college itself delivered this injustice and election disaster. If electors were distributed proportionately (that is a candidate who gets 40% of the vote gets 40% of the electors not 100%) then Hillary Clinton would be our President-elect. We wanted Hillary Clinton President.

America has a mentally and emotionally ill President. He has a long history of psychopathic lying, memory problems, attention deficit disorder and pomposity. Psychiatrists are belatedly warning us.  Apparently, he has a sleep disorder at the root of it.  

Worse yet, the Republicans control the U.S. Senate.  They represent 23 million less than Senate Democrats.  The House is gerrymandered in a similar way although it is not as structural. 

Instead, we have a mob of ignoramuses and radicals who want to destroy America as we know it. Paul Ryan is already speculating on raising the ages for Medicare from 65 to 67 and Social Security to 69 or 70. This rather than increasing the funding. He also wants to privatize Social Security and kill Medicare with a radical untested “voucher” system.

Millions of illegal Mexican immigrants who should have a right to citizenship by doing the most menial jobs like landscaping, cleaning latrines and picking crops may be rounded up and sent back to Mexico. It isn’t only heartless, but who will do this work? Rounding them up; sending them back and then allowing legal entry is cruel and expensive. Why not give them a way to the citizenship they earned?  Why not assimilate them as we did with Irish, Italians, Germans and so many others?

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