Does Donald Trump have the mentality to handle the Presidency?

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Donald Trump is only image.

Donald Trump is aggressive. His success with attractive women is the envy of tens of millions of men. His role in “The Apprentice” has created the illusion that he can get almost anything done.

He is a loser

He is allegedly a billionaire, but hasn’t proven it. His 1995 income tax loss of almost $1 billion shows he is not a successful businessman. He is a loser. He hides the rest of his income tax statements that might uncover more.

He has done six (6) bankruptcies not four(4). He is in court for swindling students in Trump University. He is also accused of making personal use of funds from the Trump foundation.

Some theorize that he inherited a fortune and if he had just put it all in mutual funds he’d be where he is now and possibly better.

Five Mental Problems

First, he has an his utter disregard for the truth. Politifact analyzed his statements and found 70% to be untrue or lies. He appears to have serious problems with reality. This is one of his worse.

Second, he is anti-American. Yes! If he is anti-African American (see the hate he has tweeted), anti-Muslim American, anti-women and anti-Mexican Americans, he will divide us against us. He will not make America great again, but make America hate again more than ever.

Third, he can’t remember what he says or flip flops on. He doesn’t want to or can’t remember when his lies are exposed. He keeps repeating them anyway.

Fourth, he has a serious attention disorder. Tony Schwartz, the real author of “The Art of the Deal” says he’s never met anyone so restricted. Trump can’t keep his mind on anything for more than short period of time. This might explain his prolific lying. He makes up what he doesn’t know. Almost 400 economists denounced Trump’s false economics.

Fifth, he can’t control his impulses. He calls many especially women childish names like “pigs”, and “losers”. He even criticized Megyn Kelly’s menstrual cycle. 

He is recorded saying he can grab women anytime he wants and get away with it. So far he has.

Worst of all, he was accused of child rape of a 13 year old in 1994. A court hearing was scheduled for Dec 16th. The accuser had 3 witnesses. Why the media covered this up is beyond understanding. The charges have been dropped. The accuser who tried to remain anonymous claims to be threatened. How could she remain anonymous when Trump could figure out who she was? Dropped charges are just that dropped charges. The crime could still have happened.
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He has shown a positive attitude about the spread and use of nuclear weapons. Can we trust them to someone so impulsive?trump-impulsive

Republicans who put national safety above party have come out against Trump for all the above.

Help save America.

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Al Gore lost by only 550 votes in 2000.

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men and women do nothing.