How Donald paved the way for Pandemic and deep recession


The U.S. has already racked up over 600,000 deaths. Over half of the deaths are Donald’s fault. He refused to take the Pandemic seriously from the very beginning. He grew the pandemic by encouraging disbelief in the pandemic and through his maskless rallies and parties. 

It took Donald many years and ways of fumbling to achieve this. The American tragedy starts in 2016 as follows:

  • Bill Gates warned Donald in 2016 and 2018 about the dangers of a future pandemic. Donald acted sympathetic but took no positive actions.
  • The Obama administration left a 69-page Playbook for Early Response to High Consequence Infectious Disease Threats. This was disregarded from 2017 to the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • His administration dismantled a Pandemic task force set up by Obama after the Ebola epidemic.
  • He cut funding for the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), NIH (National Institutes for Health) and the WHO (World Health Organization).
  • He created a blind spot with the last remaining CDC officer recalled  from China CDC in July, 2019, leaving an intelligence vacuum when COVID-19 began to emerge.
  • He ignored a pandemic simulation study, “Crimson Contagion”, in Oct 2019 that showed how ill prepared the US was to deal with a pandemic
  • He ignored warnings from the WHO and CDC of the pandemic.
    He called it a hoax for two months doing nothing when we could have promoted production of ventilators, N-95 Respiratory masks and test kits
  • He appointed Mike Pence who has no credentials or experience in charge of his task force.
  • On April 15, 2019, he ordered a halt to funding the World Health Organization that he was already behind on.
  • Donald downplayed the pandemic, ignoring all the warnings to prepare and refused to back social distancing and masks. Finally, his administration promoted “Operation Warp Speed” to speed up development of vaccines. The Trump administration did speed up development of vaccines with funding, but the news isn’t all good.

Funding helped Moderna development of its vaccine.

Pfizer didn’t need funding, but a promise of government purchase of 100 million doses added incentive.

The bad news is OWS started in May 2020 about 4 months after the Pandemic started. That critical delay was caused by Donald and his sons insisting it would go away like any flu when the weather got warmer. It didn’t go away, and it spread exponentially. Hundreds of thousands died as a result of this