How Donald the Destroyer made America great again

Ever since he took office after losing, but winning the election of 2016, Donald has been a Destroyer. While the massive extent of the death toll and lost jobs are his biggest accomplishments, he has been doing all he can to ruin this country and our world. Below is a list we can never forget while distracted by the Pandemic. He deserved impeachment, but the election of 2020 is the only proper way to rid this country of this demagogue and his cult-like supporters.

The Never Forget List

The Economy:

the boom before the bust

Yesterday’s robust economy was being fueled by a trillion-dollar plus annual deficit inflated by Trump’s tax cut. The US economy was heading for a cliff in the next recession.  We were headed for much deeper deficits without the Pandemic. We were in uncharted water as to how much total debt the Federal government and economy can handle. Now the situation is so much more dangerous. 

Economic recovery will be undermined by the spreading of the Coronavirus. A second wave may be far worse than the first. Donald will make it worse by denying it is happening. He refuses to take actions that other countries all over the world are doing and suppressing the virus.

The Trade War

Trump started trade wars especially with China by levying tariffs. In spite of his repeated lying that China pays the tariffs, the average US household will pay about $2,000 per year by the end of 2019 according to Forbes canceling out what little benefit the average US household got from the recent tax cut.


“Nobody knew healthcare could be so complicated”

During the election, Trump mumbled how he would fix healthcare by making deals with hospitals. This showed his ignorance as hospitals are a part of our expensive healthcare problem, but there is a lot more to it like unrestricted drug prices; discrimination against pre-existing conditions and the costs of having insurance companies.

Trump pushes for the repeal of Obamacare piece by piece or all at once. A Republican replacement that would have cut off tens of millions from healthcare and weakened protection from discrimination due to pre-existing conditions was voted down by Democrats and a few Republicans with a conscience who read the bill.

If Trump had read the bill, he would have pointed out what was so good about it. Instead, he showed his ignorance and laziness by saying “Nobody knew healthcare could be so complicated”.


The Iran Nuclear Deal Framework

The permanent members of the United Nations Security Councilthe United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, France, and China—plus Germany and the European Union spent years to put together an agreement to stop Iran nuclear development. Trump decided he knows better than everyone and withdrew from the agreement.

War with Iran

Without any evidence, Trump murdered one of Iran’s top leaders. This is an act of war and violation of the U.S. Constitution. Already 232 have died indirectly from this. Trump is guilty of causing these deaths and future deaths. This is only the beginning. Here’s why.

Syria and ISIS

Without consulting our military commanders and allies, he said he was pulling US troops out of Syria, but took over Syrian Oil fields instead. This at the cost of betraying our Kurd allies and dismaying our other allies.

Build a wall along the US Mexican border.

Donald said Mexico would pay for it, but that was for his cult to fall for. It is being built in small sections with funds siphoned from other departments like the military. The rest would be with borrowed money adding to the federal deficit and national debt load.  

There is proof that the wall can be defeated by going over it with ladders, under it with tunnels or through it by cutting holes.

Donald failed to see the need for a Pandemic “wall” after years of warnings.

Ukraine and the U.S. Constitution

By withholding military aid to Ukraine, he pressured the President of Ukraine to do things that would influence the US Presidential election. This jeopardized Ukraine’s ability to defend territory from Russia. It was also a violation of the US Constitution.  This was part of his well deserved impeachment. 

Environmental destruction

The Paris Climate Agreement

Donald has no degrees in science. He just knows that all the carbon and heat generated from fossil fuel burning by 7 billion humans is not affecting the Earth’s weather and climate.

The European Union and 174 states put together and signed a better than nothing agreement to curtail carbon emissions. Trump insists the global climate crisis is a hoax that he is right and everyone else in the world is wrong.  He pulled the U.S. out of the agreement. 

Environmental Protection Agency

Trump proposed cutting the EPA budget 31%, but it was shot down in the House by Democrats.

Endangered Species Act and Migratory Bird Act

He weakens enforcement of existing environmental laws like the Endangered Species Act, the Migratory Bird Act and Offshore oil rig safety regulations


Raw economics for corporate profits are all that count while environmental costs are minimized or ignored.

Expanding oil drilling offshore and in national forests.

Expand the mining of coal and mining minerals in the Grand Canyon and Alaska

Loosening restrictions on coal-burning plants and extending the lives of old dirty plants. Report by the NRDC.

Build a wall along the US Mexican border that would do havoc to wildlife by blocking migration and access to water.

Gun Control

There is nothing to be said about Trump and gun control as he has done nothing including failing to renew the Violence Against Women Act.


Trump has appointed many judges who will not be sympathetic to abortion rights and Roe vs Wade.

Donald’s lack of character and mental illnesses

Trump’s War on the truth.

The Washington Post has a database of over 19,000 lies Donald has said since getting into the White House. also has records of his prolific lying. Even if these are half true, Donald is the worst lying President in all of American history. He has said more lies than all 44 Presidents before him combined. Everything he says must be fact-checked. This is rarely done on TV news so he paints a false picture of reality and gets away with it. The Republican cult believes them.

Donald may not tell the truth (lie) to deceive others. He is so ignorant of facts that he simply states what he thinks is true or ought to be true. For some specific lies by Donald.

On Donald’s character: rock bottom

Nobody will ever know for sure about Trump’s bone spurs that got him out of the draft.

We do know that he said John McCain who suffered terrible imprisonment in Vietnam for over 5 years was not a war hero, but a loser for getting caught.

Trump lied about his support for the Iraq war and insulted a Gold star family. The story

No Presidential candidate or President has childishly called so many people so many names including the calling of the potentially dangerous dictator of North Korea “Rocket Man”.

He even made fun of a disabled reporter. See it to believe it.

Trump claimed he could shoot someone on 5th Ave in daylight and none of his supporters would care.

Fidelity in marriage means nothing to Donald. He’s had two divorces and cheated on his present wife.

In 1989, a female jogger in Central Park was brutally beaten and raped. Five young me were accused. Donald Trump said “Let’s all hate these men” on Larry King Live. He called for their deaths. In 2002, DNA evidence linked the crime to another man. They were released and received a $40 million settlement 25 years later. The story.

Donald Trump wanted to buy Greenland!

There has never been anywhere near the chaos in the White House with hiring the unqualified including family members; resignations and firings.


Donald has to grab as much as he can. He always wants more.

He plundered the Trump foundation to pay off business expenses and buy a $10,000 painting of himself. He recently admitted to it and settled for $2 million to the victim charities. For the details.

Trump University has been closed down and Trump was ordered to pay $25 million to the victims who believed in Trump. The settlement.

Donald owes over $1.8 million in unpaid bills for the security of his rallies to 14 cities.  The story.

He has wasted over $130 million of taxpayer money for shuttles from Washington to Mar-a-Largo and other golf courses. Flying Air Force One and all the Secret Service Agents costs us. Meanwhile, he proposed cuts to meals on wheels and food stamps.

Written by Ron Anthony, BA in Economics, Queens College, City Univerity of NY