How the media was and is rigged for Donald Trump studied and rated all of Trump’s statements from the campaigns. They found him lying 70% of the time. He is a prolific liar, a trait of a true demagogue. This is a serious problem for public rational thought and the future of this country. The media broadcasts or prints these lies without any kind of fact check filter. If this was done, there would have been 70% less free publicity and free advertising for his lies. Good chance, Trump would not have gotten the Republican nomination.

Freedom of speech and press are perverted when lies get unrestricted publicity. Tens of millions see or hear Trump’s lies while only a few hundred thousand read fact checks like or The odds against reason are overwhelming.

Another example of rigging is how the medias are not reporting that Donald Trump is scheduled to go to a court hearing on Dec 16th to answer to charges of child rape in 1994. The accuser has 3 witnesses. Why is this significant news being censured when they give full publicity to his lies?

We need a media code of honor especially for TV to fact check news first and report if it is accurate or true. It would be difficult to impossible to get a law passed against lying as it would probably be protected as “freedom of speech”.

Democracy will not survive the unrestricted assaults of demagogues like Trump. It may already be too late. He may get elected.

Responsible Republicans are against Trump, but his lies have fired up a mass following thanks to the media.

Not all the media has been duped by trump into spreading his lies. For an excellent, but lengthy editorial by the New York Daily News that covers all the bases click here.

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Al Gore lost by only 550 votes in 2000.

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men and women do nothing.