Republicans against Trump. Something is very wrong with Donald Trump

The floodgates are opening with prominent Republicans calling on Trump to step down

John McCain Withdraws Support for Donald Trump

More and more responsible Republicans are putting reason and country in front of mindless party loyalty. If Donald Trump can’t get the support of his own party, how can he be an effective President? Let’s look at the why’s.

President George H.W. Bush

President George H.W. Bush

President from 1989 to 1992. Saved Kuwait and the Middle East with “Desert Storm”. Former naval airman shot down in his Avenger torpedo bomber and rescued by a submarine. Trump who never even served his country in uniform would probably consider him to have been another “loser” like John McCain who was shot down over North Vietnam and suffered 6 years in POW prison.  Endorsed the last 5 Republican presidential candidates. Not this year. 

On Sept 20, 2016 President George H.W. Bush announced he would also vote for Hillary Clinton

President George W Bush

President George W Bush

President from 2001 to 2009. Launched the war on Iraq in 2003 that toppled the Saddam Hussein regime. Like his father, endorsed the last 5 Republican presidential candidates. Not this year. 

Presidential candidate 2012 Mitt Romney

Presidential candidate 2012 Mitt Romney

Republican Presidential candidate in 2012. He has said and written much about how totally unfit Donald Trump is to be president. So far reason and the Republican primary machinery have failed, but it is not too late. Click here for his very intelligent speech in writing and video warning us about the evil of Donald Trump.

Description=New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg delivers his budget address in the Blue Room at City Hall on January 27, 2005. REUTERS/Craig Warga/Pool

Mayor Micheal Bloomberg

Former Republican (now an Independent) 3 term mayor of New York City and multi billionaire far richer than Donald Trump, Michael Bloomberg said at the Democratic National convention that Hillary Clinton was the only “sane” major candidate. Donald Trump proved Bloomberg was right by saying he wanted to hit him so hard that his head would spin.

“Our country deserves better”: John Kasich says he won’t vote for Trump after leak of ‘disgusting’ video

In leaked emails, Powell calls Trump a ‘national disgrace’

Ex-Pentagon chief Gates: Trump is ‘unfit,’ ‘beyond repair’

50 Republican National Security Officials Issue Letter Opposing Trump: He ‘Would Be the Most Reckless President in American History’

70 Top Republicans Call on the RNC to Dump Trump

Donald Trump Makes History With Zero Major Newspaper Endorsements.  Newspaper editors are college educated, well read and up on the news. When no Republican newspapers endorse Donald Trump that is indicative that he is very unqualified at best and very dangerous to the nation’s future.

The New York Daily News did a great job summarizing about Donald Trump in an editorial. It’s long, but still a summary. Books will be written on him, but will probably not add that much more depth. For some inexplicable reason the child rape case with three (3) witnesses is not mentioned.

Evangelical magazine: “what the Bible calls a fool” 

Paul Ryan says Republicans should vote their conscience

Charles Krauthammer: Can Donald Trump Pass The Fitness Threshold?

52 elected, former elected and experts who cannot support Donald trump 

Miami Republican donating $2 mil to help Hillary Clinton w Hispanic outreach

30 Former Republican Lawmakers Denounce Donald Trump: ‘Manifestly Unqualified to Be President’

The Harvard Republican Club has issued a statement saying that for the first time in its 128 year history, it will not endorse their party’s presidential candidate. Why? Because the club is “ashamed” of Trump. He is, the statement says, a “threat to the survival” of the United States. For more click here.

National Review: No, Republicans should not come around to Trump.

Glenn Beck: Trump Is Left’s Ideal ‘Candidate to Blow Up the Right’

Dallas Morning News: Donald Trump ‘does not deserve your vote’

For first time in over 100 years, New Hampshire’s largest paper won’t be endorsing a Republican

Conservative newspaper endorses Clinton after 100 years of backing Republicans

Conservative Arizona paper endorses Clinton

Hillary Clinton endorsed by Houston Chronicle, Trump ‘danger to the Republic’

The Atlantic magazine founded in 1857 makes only its 3rd endorsement for a President. “we are mainly concerned with the Republican Party’s nominee, Donald J. Trump, who might be the most ostentatiously unqualified major-party candidate in the 227-year history of the American presidency.”

Ted Cruz endorses Trump whom he called a “pathological liar”. (a sellout to ambition over national safety.) 

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