We must make homemade face shields

Our best hope of stalling and defeating Coronavirus and getting the economy going again is the mass use of face shields. They are easily home-made by do-it-yourselfers. We don’t have to worry about supply bottlenecks or wait for factory start-ups. We can use recycled clear plastic or buy clear plastic. A new web site is set up with videos on how and why we must do this.  Click here to visit the new Make Face Shields now web site.

Face masks are close to useless. Clear plastic face shields are a great way to suppress spreading Covid-19 and prevent getting it. Face shields should have been a main part of our front line of defense against Covid-19. There have been so many mistakes not just by the worse than incompetent Donald. Face shields are difficult to buy with long delivery times, but very easy to make. They can even be made from recycled clear plastic. The one in the above pictures is the bottom of a salad greens container with a shoelace going around the ears. Visit my new web site for this. It contains 3 videos on how to easily make face shields to protect you and your loved ones. Click here to visit the new Make Face Shields now web site.

Tell everyone you know and news media about this way to save lives and our economy

There will soon be update postings about the worse than incompetent Donald. Beating Coronavirus is getting top priority on this web site to protect you, your loved ones and our civilization. 

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