We are at war with mass stupidity and Donald’s pandemic

Face shields are the better option to avoid COVID-19

The availability and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines are still unknown. One of our best hopes of stalling and defeating Coronavirus and getting the economy going again is the mass use of face shields. They are easily home-made by do-it-yourselfers or can now be bought. Not all face shields are the same. Some are much better than others. There are important ways to wear a face shield for maximum protection.  Click here to visit the new Make Face Shields now web site to learn more.

Face masks do little to protect the wearer. Clear plastic face shields are a great way to suppress spreading Covid-19 and prevent getting it. All breath in is from the rear. All breath out goes behind the wearer or to the floor. This increases protection for the wearer and others.  Face shields should have been a key part of our front line of defense against Covid-19. Many tens of thousands would still be alive today if they were. There have been so many mistakes, not just by the worse than incompetent Donald. There are really selfish ignorant people around. Protect yourself from them! Click here to visit the new Make Face Shields now web site.

Tell everyone you know and news media about this way to save lives and our economy