How Trump could destabilize nuclear arms containment

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Donald Trump said that it would probably be better that Japan, South Korea and Saudi Arabia have nuclear weapons. At the same time, he said he “hates nuclear weapons proliferation”, but it is going to happen anyway.  He said we should not oppose it and let the flood gates open.

He has denied that he said what he said. This kind of flip flop thinking is ominous. Denying what he said is a form of lying or loss of contact with reality or both.   

It is going to happen anyway” is some snap judgment. It looks like a policy from the NRA. Just as more citizens should own more guns, more nations should own nuclear weapons and “stand their ground”. 

His radical attitude would create a dangerous new nuclear world.

Should the Ukraine have nuclear weapons to deter Russia? If Saudi Arabia developed nuclear weapons, should we oppose Iran?  They could have mutual deterrence. Turkey might feel the need to join in.

Should NATO have its own nuclear deterrent? Right now, only the UK and France have nuclear weapons.

There would probably be arms races and possible preemptive strikes to prevent weapons development.

If nuclear weapons are developed, “First strikes” would be an option to destroy another country’s weapons before they can be launched. A miscalculation could cause an unnecessary first strike that may or may not succeed. Two countries could launch “first strikes” almost together.

There would be the increased likelihood of weapons being hijacked or stolen in less stable and secure nations.

An international market for the equipment for nuclear weapons development or the weapons themselves could develop.

Donald Trump would break with decades of opposition to the spread of nuclear weapons anywhere. His attitude is that the U.S. is in decline and we can’t afford to be a nuclear umbrella anymore. But isn’t he supposed to “Make America great again”? Why the retreat?

Donald Trump has shown over and over again that he has an unsound mind that is getting worse as he ages. The last two Republican presidents George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush won’t go near him, much less endorse him.

Help save America.

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