Donald Trump doesn’t flip flop on purpose

Donald Trump often changes his positions on issues.  This flip flopping is only a symptom of his deeper mental and emotional illnesses. When he make statements on issues he is ignorant of it’s easy to realize later on that the position is pathetic and wrong.  For example, if he takes a stand on healthcare from watching 5-10 minutes of TV probably on FOX, he misses a lot. He even tried to cover up his ignorance, by saying “Nobody knew healthcare was so complicated.” That “nobody” is he and his Republicans.

After pushing the AHCA (American Health Care Act), an abominable health care act through the House, he must have seen a few minutes on TV showing just how bad it is. Now he wants the Senate to do a better job. If they do, does he realize that these bills have to be reconciled? Does he even remember the House bill that he supported? Does he realize he is contradicting himself saying the AHCA is good and then saying it isn’t, that it is “mean”.  He probably is unaware of all of this. Such is the state of his mind. For a little more on this click.