How Trump wins with image projection

In a partially incoherent speech on Long Island, New York, Trump told police officers not to be “nice” to suspects. He implied that those arrested are guilty until proven innocent so don’t be “nice”. This is the opposite of what our civilized legal system stands for. 

Responsible police organizations have come out against Trump’s encouragement of police brutality. 

But Trump will gain much ground by this. He is projecting an image of a strongman. His admirers will feast on it. Image projection is what made Trump and he continues to use it.

The formula is quite simple. Tell audiences what they want to hear in any way. Lying works the best. The facts contradicting the lies don’t get anywhere near the TV coverage. So even those capable of reason don’t find out how much of what he says is lies. According to, during the election Trump lied about 2/3 of the time. He continues to use lying as a useful tool for image projection.

Image projection works. He got elected.