Legal stealing?

As much wealth as he allegedly has about $10-12 billion, Donald is compulsive. He must grab more and more. He funnels government business into his businesses and advertises his pathetic egotistical “USA, 45” hat that he sells. He can’t stop.

To the victims of Harvey he promised a measly $1 million and got tens of millions worth of publicity. His 35% bedrock Republican supporters probably think he has a heart of gold. He is more like Goldfinger who loves only gold. To the victims of Irma, no pledges so far. It remains to be seen if that $1 million gets to the victims of Harvey. To the victims of Maria in Puerto Rico? Let’s not expect much from this Goldfinger.

To make matters worse, there is $107 millions collected for his inauguration. The leftovers were supposed to go to charity. What did he do with all of it?