Donald’s perfect economic storm

The Stock Market is diving the worst since December 1931.  It should have dived when a seriously mentally and emotionally ill candidate, Donald Trump, won the Presidency on an electoral college fluke. Hope is fading that we aren’t going to pay a severe price for this mentally challenged President. 

Donald’s wrecking ball has accomplished quite a bit:

  • A torn up nuclear weapons agreement with Iran

  • A torn up environmental agreement signed in Paris

  • He has stated he will withdraw from Syria without consulting his allies and going against his own hand picked advisers: Bolton, Mattis and Pompeo. This may be the right direction, but the wrong method. 

  • Tariffs starting a trade war resembling those of the Great Depression that deepened and prolonged it. 

  • Signing a tax cut madness that has failed totally to generate more income. Instead we have near $1 trillion annual deficits. These are prosperity time deficits. Wait until the next recession. 

  • As of this writing, he is threatening to shut down the Government if he doesn’t get his way with funding the wall with Mexico. That has to be funding with more debt. In 2016, he said Mexico would pay for it.

The economic momentum Donald inherited and benefited from will soon peter out. Donald has us pointed in the economic direction that in less than 10 years there won’t be money for anything, but Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the military and debt servicing. The trust funds for Social Security and Medicare are depleting putting more burden on a federal budget that is seriously ill. 

Americans can’t keep their heads in the sand too much longer. The storm “Donald” will strike soon. The Markets may be starting to see what is coming.