Extending the lives of old dirty coal burning plants

The Trump administration has acted to scrap the Clean Power Plan-which would, for the first time, place binding limits on greenhouse emissions from existing power plants, the nations’ single biggest source of climate-destroying pollution.

This innovative plan has been replaced with the so-called Affordable Clean Energy Act-a do nothing strategy to extend the life of coal-burning power plants. “The climate crisis is intensifying, and clean energy costs are falling. The EPA should be strengthing the Clean Power Plan, not scrapping it for a dirty power scheme,” says David Doniger, senior strategic director of NRDC’s Climate& Clean Energy Program.

The repeal would be harmful to our health: A stronger Clean Power Plan could save up to 5,200 more Americans each year from early deaths from air pollution, according to NRDC’s analysis using the EPA’s own scientific methods. The repeal would also be illegal: NRDC and our partners are challenging the EPA in court to reinstate and update the Clean Power Plan, arguing that the agency is violating the Clean Air Act, “The EPA is legally required to put the “best system of emissions reductions’ in place,” Doniger says. “The Dirty Power Plan completely misses that mark”

This report by the NRDC, Natural Resouces Defense Council