Impeachment in the Senate was Dead On Arrival

Trump’s actions to get the President of Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joseph Biden’s son broke the law and violated the Constitution. His blocking of the inquiry was an obstruction of justice. Both justified impeachment and removal from office. The House impeached him on these two counts.

There is damning new evidence that Donald Trump had further abused the power of his office. The Dept of Justice (used to be before Trump)was used to stifle the Pentagons’s concerns about Trump’s abuse of power. We now have evidence for a second impeachment. For the deepening evidence.

Trump could not be impeached in the Senate. Republicans had already voted in the House as a block against an inquiry to get at the facts of what happened with the aid to Ukraine. They also voted against the two articles of impeachment.

In the Senate, facts didn’t matter. It takes a 2/3 or 67% vote of the Senate for impeachment. That means only 34 votes (34%) against impeachment will kill it. The Republicans had a voting wall of 51 Senators. Donald has also added bribery to cement the wall (a criminal offense).

The outcome was never in doubt. The Democrats presented as much as they could to the jury of the people for them to caste a verdict on election day.