Our only hope: Michael Bloomberg

Both parties are trying to bribe voters with “free stuff”. The Republicans have passed a tax cut that went primarily to the big corporations and their rich owners. Trump has talked about more tax cuts that aren’t free. They get added to the annual deficit and national debt.

Elizabeth Warren wants to give away $1.6 trillion in college debt. How many who have mortgages, vehicle loans and credit card debt will vote for giving college grads special treatment? How many who have already paid for college will vote for that? How will this be paid for? More national debt?

Bernie and Elizabeth want free college for all. How many will want to pay for others’ free college with more national debt?

There is a chaos of ideas about our healthcare mess. We have what we have because politicians can be bought with campaign contributions. And they are. Nobody will give up any of their money-making turfs. So things aren’t likely to change much. Mike is a pragmatist he’s gotten things done in the past. Maybe he can move things at least a little. 

Michael Bloomberg stands out among all the Democrats. The rest of the Democrats have one thing in common no serious executive experience. We have no idea how any will manage a large executive branch or handle the pressure.

Mike Bloomberg managed a city of 8.6 million people. New York City  could be the 11th largest state. He did it for 12 years and was re-elected twice. He reversed a $6 billion deficit to a $3 billion surplus. He had 800,000-1,000,000 trees planted!

He is a real self-made billionaire worth $60 billion. He didn’t inherit over $400 million dollars like Trump did.

Bloomberg is not perfect, but he is a winner and our only hope. Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama have warned about going too far to the left and losing the election to Trump. (Not paid for by Mike Bloomberg).