Donald’s mathematical analysis

Donald shocked the world except for his loyal cultists when he claimed on the July 4th weekend that 99% of Coronavirus infections were harmless. The 130,000 who have died so far in the US can’t disagree. There are probably an equal amount who survived and are going to be living with awful lingering after-effects. Many more will suffer less serious lingering effects.

When (not if) Donald gets COVID-19, he will learn the hard way how bad this illness is.

His high paid mouthpiece Kayleigh McEnany offered to the world Donald’s bizarre math. How does she keep a straight face? That’s the toughest part of her probable $100,000 plus job for doing basically nothing, but it will lead to better things for her someday. She’s a sly fox. 

Click here for the Bizzaro math from Donald through Kayleigh..