Donald owes it to his party and country to present all the evidence he can find of voter fraud to the courts

Donald will get results opposite of what he is wishing for.

When he comes up with nothing, he will prove himself to be a liar as usual. It is happening now.

He is also a loser again, only this time the electors went against him too. He lost two popular votes. He was never elected by the people.

It will take years to undo much of the damage that he has done like:

  • Causing a recession with the pain of high unemployment
  • Creating a massive federal deficit from a tax cut for the rich and the stimulus for the recession.
  • Degrading environmental laws and refusing to do anything about climate change.

We can never bring back the 240,000+ dead. He is responsible for well over half about 150,000 deaths from his constant denial that there was a pandemic. He is still promoting more deaths with his continued refusal to take necessary actions to slow down and stamp out the pandemic.

THE BAD NEWS: Donald’s Empire of Evil will strike back

The momentum from Donald’s destruction will be strong and last for years. President Biden will have a very tough time fighting it. He will also get the blame for not fixing it right away. Republicans will stand in the way. The Republican mob may regain much in the next elections in 2022.

Americans have a tough road ahead.